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Using a 12 step script analysis technique developed by acting coach to the stars, Ivana Chubbuck, actors learn how to deepen their performance in a truthful and compelling way. The scenes worked on in class are taken from film, television and theatre. Found in the best selling book, The Power of the Actor, these 12 practical tools will take you from script to a living, breathing, dynamic character.
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Taken in Los Angeles, CA January 2023

Thank you, Ivana! I couldn't ask for a more loving, patient and intuitive Master Teacher. Here's to many more years of learning, growth and empowerment through the arts!

The Chubbuck Technique provides actors with the tools to:

Make bold, interesting and personalized choices with the material

Actively go after a strong Scene Objective

Find the most compelling Substitutions

Use effective Beats and Actions

Leverage the Obstacles of the scene (creating rich inner conflict)

Turn the script into a living, breathing and dynamic re-enactment of life

About the Chubbuck Technique

For Actors, Writers & Directors

This system of script analysis teaches actors how to:

Leverage their own psychology and behaviour in order to parallel the emotional journey of the character
Infuse the character with a strong determination to move through the obstacles of the story and 'WIN' the scene

Fun Fact:

In 2016, after more than 60 years, Konstantin Stanislavsky's book, An Actor Prepares was re-published in Russia. On the back cover are two quotes; one from Stanislavsky (1863-1938) and the other, from Ivana Chubbuck.

Actor, director and co-founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, Stanislavsky is known as the developer of drama's modern technique of 'natural performance'. He regarded the theatre as 'an art of social significance' and believed that the artform had the power to influence the masses. For more on Stanislavsky and his impact on modern dramatic performance, click here.