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About me

My name is Ingrid Hart. I was born in Toronto, Canada and I have a background in performance arts, hospitality and personal development.

After studying theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City I went on to appear in commercials as well as several film and television productions such as Saw 4 (Lionsgate Films), Train 48 (Global TV), Toronto Stories (New Real Films), Kojak (NBC), Kevin Hill (UPN Network), King’s Ransom (New Line Cinema), Mutant X (Marvel Studios) and Guns (CBC). For a full list visit my IMDb page.

I am Canada’s first certified teacher of the Chubbuck Technique - an empowering script analysis technique used by Emmy, Tony, Academy and Joey award winners worldwide. I have directly worked with actors represented in festivals such as the National Black Film Festival in Houston TX, the Alaska International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

In addition to my own private coaching practice, I teach Camera Acting 1 & 3 as well as Auditioning for the Camera 4 at Toronto Film School. Toronto Film School is proudly ranked as the 8th best film school in the world.

I am Canada’s first certified teacher of the Chubbuck Technique for actors. To view the complete list of Chubbuck Technique teachers worldwide click here.

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My Demo Reel

I performed in front of the camera for over 15 years. Here is a sample of the work I did. Enjoy!
Toronto, Canada - Spring 2018


Hello Ingrid. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from?

I was born September 21st, 1973 in downtown Toronto. I’m a first generation Canadian and my parents are Jamaican. My mother worked as a factory worker and assembled electronic circuit boards for a signage company. She has an eye for detail and is always prepared. My father was a boxer in Jamaica and then worked as a garment presser and courier driver. He always made sure I knew where I was in the world. My mother loves children and teaching. Logic is her strength. My father is a singer/songwriter and an all-round comedian. He likes the spotlight.

What are your top 3 favourite movies/performances?

Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, Whoopi Goldberg and the entire cast of The Colour Purple and Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. Growing up, these movies shaped what my idea of cinema was. Special mention to Harlem Nights with Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, The Matrix with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, Fight Club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly and Gravity with Sandra Bullock. I like themes centred on the power of human perseverance, self-determination and risking it all to do what is right for you.

Tell us about how you got your start as an acting coach.

In 2002 I was invited to participate in a workshop with a Los Angeles acting coach named Ivana Chubbuck in Toronto. The practical tools I came away with, The Chubbuck Technique, became the foundation for my acting approach. Auditioning became ‘the work’ for me and I loved the process. I was always bothered by the fact that there wasn’t a Chubbuck Studio anywhere in Canada and not even one certified Chubbuck Technique teacher to work with privately. For years, I felt like I was the only performer in the city who’d even heard of Ivana Chubbuck. After a while, I realized these valuable tools for dynamic and compelling performance could be used for achieving goals in life too. I decided to focus on developing myself as a YWCA Life Skills coach as well as a Holistic and Spiritual Coach.

In the beginning, I mainly coached my friends and people I worked with in the food service industry, then I branched out to work with community youth programs, organizations for immigrants and new Canadians, refugees and abused women and family support groups. I worked with local art + design graduates through a Toronto art gallery program and eventually made my way back to working with artists, on-camera personalities and of course, actors - my first loves. Soon after, I heard the Chubbuck Studio in L.A. was offering an apprenticeship program for teachers and like Neo from The Matrix, I felt I was The One. I was compelled to enrol and doing so changed my life.

What’s the greatest challenge you face working as an acting coach in Toronto?

Many actors still haven’t heard of The Chubbuck Technique although it’s slowly changing now that I’m on the scene. Being the first certified teacher to teach the technique in Canada is an honour and so, I imagine it will take time to build my reputation as a first-class teacher and coach. As well, selling folks on the effectiveness of the technique takes time too. I find many actors don’t do any sort of script analysis or character breakdown before going in to an audition so, first I need to teach them the value of doing more work than they think is necessary. Second, I need actors to trust that their own psychology, experience and natural behaviour is enough to successfully re-enact the complex and nuanced life of a scripted character.

Who are some of your most memorable actors to work with?

I'm most proud to work with my niece, Asha Bromfield. She has a strong spirit and her dedication and commitment to her acting and writing career is admirable. She's a multi-talented woman who knew she was a star even as a child. I've learned so much in working with her. We've shaped each other, really. She's funny too!

Vanessa Przada and her mom found me on the official Ivana Chubbuck Studio website and reached out to me. They live in Vancouver, British Columbia and so, to this day, we’ve only ever seen each other online. Vanessa was 12 years old at the time and had a very strong work ethic – one which could rival most adult actors I work with now! We worked together every week on a variety of scenes I assigned her. I remember we worked every day before she went to set on one of her earlier roles. Vanessa’s reward for all her hard work was winning the 2016 Joey Award for Best Lead Actress in a TV Movie – the very show we so diligently worked on together. Her performance in the movie was outstanding and her award win is one of my greatest success stories.

Who are your most influential teachers?

Ivana Chubbuck created an opportunity through which I am now able to contribute to my community as an entrepreneur in a meaningful and valuable way. I’m grateful for her as well as Frantz Turner, Michael Monks and Chris Holder at the Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles. As well, Sue Diplock taught the Coaching program at Transformational Arts College. Her esoteric teachings left a great impact on me. Lisa Drader-Murphy is an award-winning Canadian designer and one of Atlantic Business Magazine's TOP 50 CEOs. I had the pleasure of working alongside her and our store kitty, Phoebe  in her Toronto store for some years. Oh, the lessons I learned both for business and for life!

What’s one thing not many people know about you?

I’m most intrigued with the existential metaphysics of life. I put my greatest efforts in practicing mind mastery as well as cultivating a sense of equanimity - especially when I'm feeling stressed or challenged. As I get better at mastering my mind, I'm better able to master my life.

What are you reading right now?

John. C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You

Do you binge watch any online series programs and if so, which show(s)?

I do. Netflix's The Crown is an all time favourite. I enjoy Suits for it's quick wit, style and humour. I’m also completely addicted to Downton Abbey (my background is in the service industry). Black Mirror is a good one too.

What do you want to do which you haven’t accomplished yet?

Mostly, I'd like to travel more. It'd be great to visit the Egyptian temples.

What skills have been the most beneficial for you as a coach?

Patience as a coach and teacher is key. It's important to allow actors to come to their own understanding about their art. Also, I'm able to see an actor’s ultimate greatness - often even before they do!

What’s the greatest lesson you learned about yourself in building your business?

I learned that developing myself IS building my business. Also, I learned to look at my life and all my relationships as a business. You're either adding value to my life or you're not. Decisions come easy when I see my life from that perspective.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to any actor?

Do your research and know your character. Your job is to bring life to the words of the script. Your life. Don't judge your character. In stead, stand behind their journey. At the end of the day, it's your face on the screen and it’s you, the audience came to see so, give them your truth and they'll want to see more of you.