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Congratulations to you, Ashley Bryant for your 2022 Festival Premiere!

Congratulations to you, Ashley Bryant on your 2022 Film Festival Premiere!

Congratulations, Ashley on your captivating and touching performance in Nightalk. I was so happy to see you on the festival stage with your fellow cast mates as well as legendary Canadian director, Donald Shebib at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival! Fantastic! It's always an absolute pleasure to work with you. Well done and brava! Here's to your continued success!

Big Congratulations to you, Asha Bromfield on your 2021 debut novel, Hurricane Summer!

After years of hard work and dedication, you DID IT! You published your very first novel, Hurricane Summer - with Wednesday Books Publishing! I'm so happy to have participated as your coach and guide and as your aunt, you've made me so proud! Your writing is superb and it is always a joy to work with you. Here's to making all the best sellers' lists and thank you for taking me along for the ride! Click here to read more about Hurricane Summer!

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Hell or Tide Water with Director by Scott C. Newman!

Congratulations cast and crew on your 2019 Northern Lights Emerging Artist Award from the Alaska International Film Awards! Production hosted a 1-Day In House actor workshop in Hamilton, Ontario for their wonderful talent. It was a pleasure to share the tools of the Chubbuck Technique with the cast.

Way to go on your win!

Big Congratulations to you, Kristen Lambie on Your Award Winning Performance!

A big congratulations to Kristen Lambie! Winner of the 2019 National Black Film Festival award for BEST ACTRESS for her role in the short film, Tuition. Way to go! Here's to telling impactful stories and delivering a WINNING performance. You are an inspiration! Click here for the official movie trailer.

Congratulations to you, David Walpole on Your 2018 Film Festival Premiere!

Congratulations to David R. Walpole (far right) for his shining performance in Sew the Winter to My Skin. This South African historical feature film premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). From the audition to the premiere screening, your hard work and dedication paid off, David. Bravo! Well done! Click here for the film trailer!

Congratulations to You, Mehrnaz Bassiri on your Empowering TEDx Presentation!

Congratulations Mehrnaz Bassiri, M. Sc. on delivering her empowering 2018 TEDx presentation in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Your hard work and commitment paid off wonderfully. Here's to achieving great success! Well done! Click here to watch her speak on achieving success.

Big Congratulations to you, Vanessa Przada on your Award Winning Performance!

A big congratulations to Vanessa Przada on winning the 2017 Joey Award for Best Lead Actress in a TV Movie! Her commitment, hard work and dedication to her craft is inspiring. Well done!

The above photo of Vanessa was taken of her on the set of the Lifetime Movie Network's Maternal Instinct in her award winning role.


David R. Walpole - Actor
David R. Walpole Actor
If it wasn't for her guidance, I would have never found my personal connection to my work at the exact time that I did...there really ain't words to describe how inspiring of a person she is.
Vanessa Przada Actor
Thank you SO much!!! You actually saved me HOURS of figuring this out. I totally understand what I need to do now and I can't wait to work on my script!
Mihaly Szabados — Actor, Director
Ingrid makes you a much better, watchable and compelling actor. It's like the best gym for an artist.
Colleen Taffe — Writer, Director
So grateful for your amazing coach session with the cast and crew. What a great workshop. I look forward to more collaboration with you.
John Phillips — Actor
The Chubbuck Technique being taught by acting coach Ingrid Hart...what a great experience for me as an actor...Using this technique has taken me places I never thought of going...working with you is a master class.
Asha Bromfield  Actor, Coach
I've been working with Ingrid my entire life. She has added a richness to my artistry and purpose to my craft. She lit the spark of potential within me that transcended my career and my work on and off screen.
Angelina Williams Food Enthusiast & Director 
I went to one of her classes and honestly, it's not just for actors. I have never been taught how to connect quite like this before. Really amazing and a teacher that has found her calling. Ingrid Hart, great job, sugar!
Sunnie McFadden Curtis Actor, Filmmaker
Love this class, The Chubbuck Technique and I have to say with confidence Ingrid Hart is the best acting coach I have EVER worked with!!!
Sylvie Normandeau Actor
Such an amazing experience! Ingrid Hart is a talented, dedicated and detail-oriented coach! Please check out her classes!
Jude Idada Poet, Novelist and Filmmaker
Thank you, Ingrid. Honoured you took the time out. Your insightful analyses are brilliant. Great mind you have.
Former Student — Auditioning for the Camera 4
This has quite possibly been the greatest experience I've had so far at TFS. The time I got to have learning from Ingrid is, I think, integral to my growth as an actor. I learned more crucial information from her than we have time to cover here.
Former Student — Camera Acting 3

 Ingrid Hart is an amazing instructor. She Is extremely professional and the only way the course can be improved is to give students more class time with her and make the class sizes smaller.