Ingrid Hart Coaching

Ingrid Hart Coaching

For Actors, Writers, Directors and Artists Who Want to Go Deeper with the Work and Take Their Performance to the Next Level of Achievement.

About me

Hello. My name is Ingrid Hart and I'm an acting coach and instructor. I teach script analysis, character development and audition preparation and I work with actors, writers and directors for the stage and screen. I'm a faculty member at Toronto Film School where I teach Camera Acting 1 & 2 as well as the Auditioning for the Camera 4 courses as part of the Acting for Film, Television & the Theatre diploma program. I'm proud to be Canada's first certified teacher of The Chubbuck Technique.

My services

Please note: Sessions are confirmed after payment is received. Refunds for private sessions and classes are for acting work only. Please refer to the Registration & Payment Policy for more information.

Online via Zoom

One-on-One Coaching

  • Got a last-minute audition?

  • Working on a scene or script for a project?

  • Want to go deeper and strengthen your acting skills?

Submit your actor photo, actor resume and a demonstration of your acting skills.

CAN$120 for a 2 hours minimum or CAN$85 for 1 hour

Listed pricing does not include HST

Up to 10 actors

Group Classes

Group classes happen once a week for 3 hours. 10 actors maximum. Online or in person. Check back for upcoming class schedules or organize group of your own*

*Group organizer receives a 30% discount on their class fee

CAN$60 per class or CAN$226 per actor for 4 consecutive classes.

Listed pricing does not include HST

6 hour minimum

In-House Consulting

Incorporate the skills of an acting coach throughout the key stages of production.

  • Work with your actors in developing a strong character role

  • Challenge your actors to make strong choices and deliver a complex, nuanced and compelling performance

CAN$80/hour for a minimum of 6 hours

Listed pricing does not include HST

Attended the First Accredited Teachers Bootcamp with Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles!

It was an honour to be invited to attend the Chubbuck Studio's very first bootcamp for accredited teachers in Los Angeles, California. It was INTENSE with lots of emotional work, scene study and networking with teachers from all over the globe. Here's to greater growth and continuous learning!

What is the Chubbuck Technique?

The Chubbuck Technique is a 12-step acting technique that will take you from script to a living breathing, dynamic character. Click the button bellow to learn more about this empowering technique. Read more about Ivana Chubbuck and her best-selling book and guide, The Power of the Actor by clicking here. Empowered Acting. Empowered Life.

Scene Study Classes!

This is an advanced class for working actors. Actors must have an understanding of the Chubbuck Technique. The goal of this class is to learn how to give a dynamic and compelling performance in the audition room and on set.  Actors will learn how to:

  • Apply and use effective script analysis tools to various film scenes

  • Dive deep into the power of using Emotional Diaries to connect to the story and to the character

  • Build a strong connection to your scene partner using safe and effective Chemistry Building exercises 

Maximum 6 actors.  No auditors. 

Studio space is located in the downtown Toronto area. Check back for upcoming dates.

Email to register!

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My affiliates

  • Toronto Film School - Instructor - Acting for Film, Television & the Theatre Program - Camera Acting 1, 3 & Auditioning for the Camera 4

  • George Brown College - Guest Instructor - Digital Production 1 Course - Introduction to Acting for Actors, Writers & Directors Workshop

  • Alumnae Theatre - Master Class Instructor - New Ideas Festival - The Chubbuck Technique for Actors, Writers & Directors Workshop