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Please read registration & payment policy down below first.

What’s Included:
One-on-One Coaching

Get 1-on-1 private coaching for 2 hours online via Zoom.

Got a last minute audition? Working on a scene or script for a project? Want to strengthen your acting skills? The 12 Tools of The Chubbuck Technique will help you:

  • Deliver a compelling performance the audience can relate to

  • Bring more joy and fulfillment to doing the work of an actor

  • Develop a dynamic, interesting and unique character role

  • Book more acting jobs!

CAN $120.00 for 2 hours

In-House Consulting
(6 hour minimum)

With an in-house acting coach, your talent will be better able to:

  • Inspire and connect with their audience  

  • Feel more grounded and confident in their roles

  • Perform with passion and drive

  • Make bold and daring choices in every moment

CAN $120/hour

Ongoing Group Classes

Group classes happen once a week for 3 hours. The cost is CAN$226 for 4 consecutive classes per actor, $350 for 6 classes and $60 to drop in. Maximum 6 actors. Check the home page or the Facebook Page  for upcoming class dates.

Wanna form your own group of 6 or more? Group organizer receives 30% off the class fee! Organizer duties include general communications, collecting registration info and fees from participants & location sourcing. Email for more info.

CAN $60.00

3 - Day Masterclass Workshop Series

This 3 -Day (9 hour) Masterclass workshop is spread over the course of three Saturdays for 3 hours per day. Part theory and part practicum, participants learn to apply the tools of the Chubbuck Technique to a variety of film scenes. Each class builds upon the class before and is ideal for aspiring actors, writers and directors. New actors are welcome. 10 participants maximum.

CAN $1000.00

Script Read < 50 pages

Got a draft script? Want to ensure your characters are driven and complex? A script read thru will provide you with a detailed character analysis/breakdown and help you to develop more nuanced and compelling roles. CAN$120 for scripts more than 50 pages.

CAN $85.00


Registration & Payment Policy

Actor Registration Info

To register for an upcoming class or private session, fill the form above or send an email to and include a link to the following:

  • your actor website or

  • your actor pic and resume + actor demo reel or recorded video taping of your performance work.

For one-on-one coaching, online coaching or semi private classes, click here.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice for private session cancellations. Refunds are for acting work only. See below for refund policy.

Payment & Refund Policy

Please note: Full payment is required to reserve your space in class or confirm your private session booking. Refunds for classes and private sessions are issued for acting work only. You do not get credit for illness, death in the family, modelling, background work or any other kind of work except for acting jobs. These classes are based in support of the working actor. Thank you.

Please send payments via electronic bank transfer (or PayPal) to For PayPal users, if you select the 'Pay for Goods or Services' from outside Canada, please add 2% to your session fee amount. Prices shown are in Canadian dollars. Prices include GST. Electronic receipts are issued upon request.

Auditing a Class

Email to inquire and to RSVP. Auditors are asked to arrive on time and remain quiet during the performances as well as throughout the critique/feedback. Recording of any kind is not permitted. Please keep your phones 'off' or on 'silent'. Please wait until the end of the scene presentation and critique before entering the theatre. Thank you.

Important to Note

Scenes and scene partners are assigned about a week before class. Actors are expected to watch the film or read the screenplay or play to better understand the character relationships and storyline. Google Play, Netflix, YouTube,, Wikipedia, your local library, Open Library, Kanopy and Samuel French are helpful resources.  

Please be 'off book' (know your lines) in time for class. Always do your written work in pencil and write directly on your script - NOT on a separate piece of paper. When putting up an audition piece, please provide a copy of your script for your reader.  

If you are unable to attend class on the day of your scene, please inform your scene partner as well as send an email to

Classes run for 3 hours

Expectations for Rehearsals and Homework

Rehearse as often as you can!

At least six to eight hours per week is the minimum amount of time actors are expected to work on their scenes - individually and with their scene partner. The students who have become noted and lauded actors (Oscars, Emmys and such) and have built successful careers were all actors with an impressive work ethic who often chose to rehearse two to three hours every day! Many of your revelations will happen in the rehearsal process and pushing yourself to new levels will pay off.

Be sure to have a conversation with your scene partner ahead of time to discuss boundaries for scenes that involve physicality relating to sexuality or violence. Openly discussing what you are and aren't comfortable with creates trust and ultimately keeps you safe while working on a scene.

Actors are welcome to fire their scene partners at any time if they feel their partner isn't a good match because of laziness or unpreparedness. A new scene partner will be re-assigned or else the actors will put up their scenes as audition pieces.

2-Day Workshop Intensive

To book a 2-day workshop intensive for your group, send an email to Please include your group website or mission statement and your proposed dates. Cost is $150/person (plus expenses if located outside the Greater Toronto Area). Classes are limited to 10 actors. No auditors. For 1-day workshops, kindly refer to In-House rates.

Studio Space

The Commons Theatre is a part of the Space Space Revolution's community of performance spaces centrally located in the Bathurst & College neighbourhood of downtown Toronto also known as Little Italy. Click here for a tour.

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